Bayside’s original vegetation communities

The vegetation of Bayside has changed dramatically since Europeans first settled in 1844. Well over 260 species have since disappeared, and many more are now considered rare or threatened. Large tracts of heathlands and woodlands were progressively cleared to make way for roads, market gardens, housing and industry. However, geological data, the location of remnant vegetation and historical field notes has enabled us to determine the location of Bayside’s original vegetation communities. This information provides guidance as to the ideal location for various indigenous plants to thrive.

Get involved and learn

Many of Bayside’s bushland reserves are supported by the local ‘Friends of Bayside’. The ‘Friends of Bayside’ are community-based volunteers that meet at reserves to collect seed, plant, and help protect Bayside’s remnant natural areas. It’s a great way to learn about indigenous plants, help maintain Bayside’s unique vegetation communities and meet wonderful people in your local community

The place to buy healthy indigenous plants for your Bayside garden. A great range of plants available as well as expert advice and guidance on indigenous plant selection and maintenance.
Open to the public from 10am to 12 noon on Thursdays and Saturdays. The nursery only sells plants from April to October each year as this is the best time to plant.

The nursery also has a volunteer program that contributes to the propagation and running of the nursery and new volunteers are always welcome. For further information contact the nursery on 9583 8408.