Plant selection


Bayside’s predominantly sandy soils tend to be free draining and low in nutrients, while lower lying areas contain higher organic content and moisture-holding capacity. Sandy soils can be improved by adding compost or other organic matter.

Pre-planting mulch

Good quality mulch should be spread over your garden to a minimum depth of 10cm prior to planting. Covering the soil surface with mulch can improve soil structure, nutrient availability and water retention, and prevent future weed growth. If you are on a bush block it is important to identify existing


Weeds should be controlled prior to planting to reduce competition and post-planting maintenance. There are a range of techniques and products that can be effective in controlling weeds, including both chemical and non-chemical methods.

When it comes to selecting indigenous plants for your garden always consider which species are most appropriate for your site. For example, a Swamp Gum is well suited for planting in a gully situation but would not do well if planted on a dry hilltop. To find the ideal spot for your plant, consider its soil, moisture and sunlight requirements and potential size when fully grown. The Bayside Community Plant Nursery will be able to help you with selecting suitable plants.

Also consider how plants may interact with each other, especially the impact large trees may have in your garden as they mature. If they are not carefully selected and positioned, large trees

may shade out sun-loving plants underneath them, impact nearby buildings or plumbing with their vigorous roots, or create problems with leaves dropping in gutters.

When choosing plants from a nursery, remember that tall plants in larger pots will not necessarily give you better results. Tubestock (plants in 15cm tall plastic tubes) will generally catch up with and outgrow larger, more mature stock. They are also easier to establish in difficult sites with poor soils.

When ordering a large numbers of plants from the Bayside Community Plant Nursery, stock should be ordered well in advance.